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All buses deliver to the High School & Middle School.

BonDeCroft - Cassville - Central View - Doyle - Findlay - Northfield - Woodland Park

Student Transportation Rules

Students are under the supervision & control of the bus driver while on the bus.
Students are expected to arrive at the designated bus stop on time.
No fighting, rough play, obscenities, or profanity will be allowed on the bus.
Students will not deface or cause damage to the bus in any way.
Parents will be held financially responsible for any damages incurred by the student.
Tobacco products and paraphernalia are prohibited.
The Bus Driver has the authority to assign seating for any or all students for any reason.
Emergency exits must be free from obstructions at all times. All objects should be carried in lap.
No food or drink will be consumed on the bus.
Student must have written permission from parent/guardian to be let off of bus any place other than school or home.
Students are to be seated while the bus is in motion.
No pets or animals are allowed on bus at any time.
Bus Drivers will report any student whose conduct is inappropriate to the Principal of the student's school.
Any student suspended from a bus is not permitted to ride any other bus.
Students missing bus three (3) consecutive days will be required to contact bus garage for future pickups.

763 Millers Point Road
Sparta, TN 38583
(931) 739-2011
(931) 739-2031 (fax)

Supervisor of Transportation & Maintenance - Randy Alley
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